Admission Application Elementary English



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Parent or Guardian Details:

If the answer is Yes you must provide the most recent report card.

Agreement of Understanding

By signing below, I acknowledge my understanding of the following conditions for this application:

  1. All applications submitted during the enrollment period will be considered based on the available space. If we receive more applications than we have open space during the enrollment period, we shall conduct a lottery.
  2. All other applications received after the lottery is conducted, will be kept in active waiting list until the end of the following school year and admissions will be determined based on the results of the lottery, if the lottery was required. If no lottery was required spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Eligibility for certain classes/courses/programs may require conditions such as prerequisite courses, auditions/placement tests.
  4. Priority is given to applicants with siblings who are currently enrolled at the school.
  5. Failure to respond by the date specified on the acceptance notification will be interpreted as a parent/guardian decline of acceptance.
  6. This application becomes void after one year from the date of submission.
  7. New students will be invited to a mandatory orientation meeting where they will be enrolled as a full time student at Miami Community Charter School.
  8. Students of MCCS are students of Miami Dade County Public Schools. The school’s handbook puts in place the general guidelines for everyone and in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by the MDCPS.
  9. Miami Community Charter School operates based on the Student-Parent-School collaboration and partnership. Parent’s commitment to participate in a student's academic life is required.

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