Chess Club


MCCS 1st Chess Tournament


  • The following students participated in the tournament Saturday, March 5, 2016 at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High
      • All the students earned medals for completing the tournament.  
      • Daniel Rosales, MCCS 4th grade, received a trophy for sportsmanship and performance.
      • Eddy Cordoba, 5th grade, had the best scoring percentage for MCCS, winning 3 of his 5 matches.


Elementary: 4th and 5th

  1. Daniel Rosales, 4th
  2. Erick Luis, 4th grade
  3. Valentina Santana, 5th
  4. Francisco Fernandez, 5th
  5. Jose Sinai, 5th
  6. Eddy Cordoba, 5th

Middle:  6th & 7th

  1. Alexis Hernandez, 6th
  2. David Perez, 6th
  3. Christian Guerra, 6th
  4. Jorge Orama, 7th
  5.  Eric Torres, 7th

 High School:  9th & 10th

  1. Enrique Santa Ana, 9th
  2. Jose Furcal, 10th 
  3. Haddassa Huerta, 10th
  4. Gretchen Garcia, 10th 


2nd Annual Chess Club Tournament

On Saturday, Feb. 4th, 2017, the chess club competed at the District Championship. Students received medals for their participation and also place in the top third for the middle school division, out of 21 schools. The players were:
Middle School:
  • Eddie Cordoba
  • Eric Torres
  • David Perez
  • Francisco Fernandez
  • Jose Sinai
  • Jose Furcal
  • Ashley Coronado
High School:
  • Enrique Santa Ana
  • Daniel Ramirez
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MCCS Middle School students compete once again in the Chess District Championship!


Tournament 1
Tournament 2
The following students competed at  Miami Jackson Senior High with Coach Karlin and received Honorable Mention Medals:
Eddy Cordoba ok
Fransisco Fernandez ok
Eric Torres 2 ok
David Perez ok
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