IT Center Rules

IT Center Rules for students

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    1. No cell phones, tables, laptops or any other electronic device
    2. No food or drinks allowed, EVER!
    3. No chewing gum. No water bottles.
    4. Sit in your assigned seat. Computers are assigned per student.
    5. Stay on sites and programs directed by the teacher
    6. Never rename, delete, add or remove anything from the computer unless directed by your teacher.
    7. Inform the teacher immediately when a computer is not working properly.
    8. Remain seated and work quietly.
    9. Do not ever share your Username and/or password.
    10. Log out before you leave the room.
    11. No curse words
    12. Leave your area clean and organize.

    Agreement of Understanding

    Failure to follow the rules could lead to loss of computer privileges therefore failing the class.

    By signing below, I acknowledge my understanding of the rules:
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