Grand Opening of the New Playground at Mccs.


This Tuesday was the grand opening of the new “Playground” at Miami Community Charter School (Elementary).

It was a filled day for the kids and faculty of MCCS. Some of the kids from the High School building pulled together and held a Field Day for the elementary kids. We had everything from plays about superheroes and princesses, to face painting and even dance-offs.

It was such a marvelous day for everyone. All of MCCS came together to bring the little kids some joy. The kids left that day laughing and with a smile from ear to ear.

For us, the High School students it was something we will never forget. We spent the day with amazing kids filled with nothing but pure happiness. To see the kids playing and laughing brought a smile to our faces. This was truly something we will carry with us forever.


By: Angel Lozano